About Sagewood Physical Therapy North

Established in 2003, Sagewood Physical Therapy North is a therapist owned private clinic located in a quiet residential neighborhood.

Jennifer has worked in both hospitals and private clinics in three states (Colorado, Kentucky, and North Carolina) as well as in a hospital in South Africa. She regularly participates in courses to provide her clients a more comprehensive approach and broader base of treatment techniques.

Jennifer Anderson

MS Physical Therapy
Duke University

Jennifer Anderson's educational background includes a BS degree in Exercise Science from the University of Colorado Boulder and a MS degree in Physical Therapy from Duke University. Her broad range of work experience includes but is not limited to musculoskeletal, thoracic outlet, cardiopulmonary, rheumatic disorders, geriatrics, and sport injuries. She also gained experience treating traumatic hand-injury, burn and pediatric patients while in South Africa for two years.

Jennifer is always seeking to further her knowledge and hone her skills through classes and training in order to provide a more comprehensive approach and broader base of treatment techniques to better serve her clients. During the twenty-three years she's spent in the field of PT, she's learned to tailor the needs of each client on a patient to patient basis. No two patients are alike and knowing that you will have the same therapist each visit, makes communication and understanding an important asset to your ultimate recovery.

Customer Testimonials

“Jennifer was very thorough as she assessed my injuries sustained from a serious car accident. She communicated her findings on a level that I could understand. She has great hands-on skills yet she made it clear that I would have to take an active role in my recovery and prevention of re-injury. She listened to my concerns and together we developed a plan with realistic goals to bring about my optimal recovery.” ~ Dawn U.

“I finally found a therapist who would not only focus on momentary relief but who could help me prevent muscle tension that occurred as a result of work site and work load stress. Jennifer gave me ergonomic tips to improve my work site and ideas to prevent stress from becoming muscle spasms.” ~ Tristan T.

"When I came to see Jennifer I had been suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome for several years. I had pain and tremors in my right hand. As a professional musician, it was intrinsic that I recover from these issues.

Through several sessions, and a comprehensive evaluation of my technique, as well as the ergonomics of my instrument, I've since made a full recovery. I heartily recommend Jennifer to anyone with similar issues." ~ Kyle J.

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