The Best Hands-On Physical Therapist

Jennifer Anderson is committed to providing the highest quality individually designed manual therapy treatments.

Sagewood Physical Therapy North is committed to providing the highest quality individually designed manual therapy treatments. Each client receives a thorough evaluation to pinpoint the source of their symptoms and an eclectic manual therapy approach is used to treat the origin of the client's problems.

Jennifer offers a variety of techniques and services to meet your rehabilitation needs:

  • Motor Vehicle Injury
  • Joint Manipulation and Mobilization
  • Massage Therapy
  • Water Therapy
  • Individualized Home Exercise Instruction
  • Custom Orthotics for Feet
  • Information on Promoting Self-Healing


Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson

Benefits of Hands-On Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy (PT) is an effective treatment method addressing the treatment, healing and prevention of injuries and disabilities. Jennifer focuses on pain relief, healing, and restoring function and movement associated with injury. Other areas within physical therapy are ergonomic (body mechanic) training, fitness/ wellness, and especially education and prevention.

Sagewood Physical Therapy's Jennifer Anderson focuses on pain relief, healing, and restoring function and movement associated with injury; ergonomic (body mechanic) training, fitness/ wellness, education and prevention.

Many people think they can manage their pain and rehabilitate themselves. They might have done this in the past only to find the old injury resurfaces because it wasn't adequately addressed the first time.

Jennifer Anderson is trained to recognize the complicated interactions between different parts of the body, how the subtle changes brought on by injury affect the rest of the body. She's trained to recognize the difference between one dysfunction/injury from another and work with your physician to develop a rehabilitation program personalized just for you. Everyone has different types of habits, movements and even seasonal patterns. Jennifer recognizes what those are and how to rehabilitate them as needed.

Because of healthcare and insurance restrictions, your physician may not have the time to explain exactly what your injury/dysfunction/disability is and why/how it occurred. Sagewood Physical Therapy can educate you about the specifics of your problem and what the course of action will be to correct it and hopefully prevent it from reoccurring. Physical Therapy focuses on education, correction and prevention.

Although rehab takes time, it also took time for the injury to progress to the point of causing pain or contributing to injury. Because each person is different, rates of healing are different. We can usually get an idea of your progress within 2 weeks. Even though you have other things to do, rehab is important; there is no such thing as a rushed rehabilitation.

The major contributing factor in your rehabilitation is the program Jennifer gives you to do at home.

Physical therapists want their patients to understand that although we are here to teach and rehabilitate them, their Home Program it is their responsibility. The Home Program is a major contributing factor to how quickly the patient recovers.

Jennifer is always observing others. She rarely sees people and athletes with perfect body mechanics, training techniques or movement patterns. This is where wellness comes into play. Typically, the most appropriate patients are those who have been in accidents (work, auto, or falls), athletes with overstress injuries, patients with arthritis, pre- and post-operative patients, and people with general deconditioning or strains.

Physical Therapy encompasses pain relief, strength and flexibility training, proper postural alignment, regaining movement or range of motion, improving and correcting posture, endurance training, relaxation and stress relieving techniques, balance and coordination training, proper walking, education, safety awareness and development/implementation of a home exercise program.

Because each person is different, each physical therapy experience and program is different. Be patient with yourself, your physician and your physical therapist. Healing takes time, diligence and compliance. If you think you may be a candidate for physical therapy, speak to your physician or to a therapist.

Massage can provide temporary relief whereas PT provides relief, restoration and healing.

A skilled physical therapist creates a program that increases and maintains muscle strength and endurance, restores and increases joint range of motion, increases coordination, decreases pain, decreases muscle spasm and plasticity, decreases swelling and inflammation of joints, promotes healing of soft tissue lesions, prevents contracture and deformity of limbs, alleviates walking problems, educates patients and family, decrease stress and a whole lot more too numerous to mention. These are but a few of the benefits of physical therapy.

Massages from untrained individuals may be beneficial but physical therapy provides you with a greater range of objectives for long-term healing.

Some objectives are joint mobilization, soft tissue release, trigger point release, manual therapy, myofascial stretching, muscle re-education, modalities, therapeutic exercise, re-conditioning program, specific strengthening of weak muscles, and a home exercise program to name a few. These methods are not only far superior to indiscriminate kneading and pounding, but proof of the scientific nature of physical therapy.

The benefits of physical therapy are not only for instant gratification in terms of comfort, but the benefits are a long term solution for afflictions, a lasting cure for those who need it.