New Clients

Healing always begins with paperwork. To speed up the healing process, please take a few minutes now to fill out these forms. Your body will thank you soon.

New Client Paperwork

All clients must complete and sign. Click to view and print each PDF, then fill them out and bring to your first session.

Patient Intake Form (PDF)

Practice Policies for New Clients (PDF)

HIPPA Acknowledgement (PDF)

Your Sagewood physical therapist offers a variety of techniques and services to meet your rehabilitation needs:

  • Motor Vehicle Injury
  • Joint Manipulation and Mobilization
  • Massage Therapy
  • Water Therapy*
  • Individualized Home Exercise Instruction
  • Custom Orthotics for Feet
  • Information on Promoting Self-Healing

Hands-on physical therapy treatments and soft tissue massage

Sagewood Physical Therapy North is committed to providing the highest quality individually designed manual therapy treatments. Each client receives a thorough evaluation to pinpoint the source of their symptoms and an eclectic manual therapy approach is used to treat the origin of the client's problems.

No two patients are alike! Sagewood will design and implement a program to meet your specific needs and stay with you throughout your treatment. Sagewood Physical Therapy North is committed to making your Physical Therapy experience beneficial to your needs.

Sagewood specializes in hands-on treatment and soft tissue massage, providing state of the art physical therapy modality equipment, patient education and personalized instruction to prevent re-injury and establish an optimal outcome for your health and well-being.

We both have the same goal when it comes to your health!

Customer Testimonials

Jennifer has a good understanding of how problems start and can provide guidance on how to prevent future injuries. Jennifer is a great therapist who really enjoys her work and helping people.
~ Dave A.
I'm a mountain runner and rock climber. Jennifer is very skilled with her hands, and helps me understand what I need to do in order to keep injury-free. I highly recommend her to any athlete.
~ Peter B.
Jennifer helped me with two different injuries and got me back in tip-top shape. She was able to pinpoint where I needed the most work and also offered a variety of exercises I could do at home to help things heal faster.
~ Leslie B.